Let’s say you started your job and absolutely fell in love with it. Now you have been at your job for months and it seems repetitive. Either way, it’s possible to revive your relationship with your job. If you’re reading this now, you’ve already taken the first step! After all, even the best of jobs won’t seem so great with a bad attitude, so the fact that you’re seeking ways to improve your outlook means you’re already on the right track. Here are seven simple ways to learn to love your job.

1. Work With Your Supervisor to Set Goals! Often work with your supervisor to set reasonable but inspiring goals. Making these goals  will help you to structure your daily work and will give you focus.

2. Make a List of Things You Want to Improve On! Making a list of things you would like to improve on will help you to focus more and break down barriers on how to achieve your obstacle. Remember to always take time to clear your mind and get rid of any negativity. Working toward your goals to achieve things you want to improve on will help you with your work and will help you with working in a positive environment.

3. Figure Out What You Really Love to Do! Think hard about your job and what parts of it you love. Nothing is too big or small for this list. Then, brainstorm a dream job description. Consider talking to your supervisor about making these tasks a bigger part of your day-to-day work.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Support! If you feel overwhelmed, swamped with work, or are struggling with a particular aspect of your job, don’t be afraid to consult a trusted co-worker or manager about ways you might be able to find support. Always ask for help when you are unsure about how to delegate your work. Often times you will feel like you are swimming because those emails or tasks come in one after another. No worries! Your Supervisor is there to help you succeed. Seek the support you need to do your job correctly.

5. Expand Your Network! Although it may seem like the challenges you face in your specific role or industry are unique to you, it’s very likely that others are going through the exact same thing. Always seek to make connections in your field by attending industry meet-ups, events, or conferences. Expanding your network doesn’t always necessarily mean going out and seeking other people. You can always benefit greatly by building relationships with others in your workplace.

6. Stay Present! It is easy to get lost each day on your computer by checking your social media. Always try to stay present and to complete the task at hand. If your day isn’t going exactly how you planned, do your work in steady increments and after you get something done, take a 5 minute break. If you find yourself with your work complete, always work ahead.

7. Make a Gratitude List for Your Job! Write down all of the little and big things you are grateful for with your job. It doesn’t matter whether you stop at your favorite coffee shop before work or if you put that your job helps to support your family. Write it down! Studies often show that when you list what you are grateful for, the more optimistic you are in your current circumstance.

You aren’t always going to have a great day, and that is life. However, you can always turn your day around by loving your job. Always be proud of yourself and put your all in everything you do.