Many job seekers spend tons of hours reviewing their cover letter, resume, and even practicing interview questions. Are those all very important? Of course. However, I recently interviewed a candidate that even though they did not have much experience for the position, they made a big impression.


What made them stand out? A follow up e-mail. 

I was really impressed with the things they mentioned that they liked about our company and that she took the time to thank me for my time.


Want to stand out? Here’s a few things to keep in mind:


1. Keep it short. 4-5 sentences should be more than enough. Remember, they already have your resume and have met you, all you need to do is thank them for their time. Think of it like a thank you note you send to all the guests that gave you presents on your wedding day!

2. Name the company. Be sure to include why you look forward for the opportunity to work in that specific company.

3. Proof read. Please…. take the time to proof read! There is nothing worse than more than 1 typo in a professional e-mail. Definitely would discredit that “detail-oriented” skill you listed!

4. Be genuine. Ultimately, just be yourself! Feel free to include anything you and the interviewer might’ve connected over. For example, if they also love traveling, feel free to send them (in the thank you email) an article about the best vacation spots.