Being genuine is so uncommon nowadays, that this quality has become something to treasure. No matter who you are with, simply be yourself, be genuine, and be authentic. Other people can easily tell when someone is “trying too hard”.


2. Character

Perhaps one of the most important characteristics is having character. This means to always follow through with your promises, learn to say no/yes when it is needed, set boundaries, and be someone that people can trust and rely on.


3. Decisiveness

Determination and being able to make a decision when times are hard is definitely something worth admiring. You’d be surprised to see how many people freeze in a complex situation or are too scared to make the wrong choice!


4. Engaging

At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships. Even if you are trying to increase your company’s sales, making a great impression on someone else can motivate them to strive for more. Everyone can make a positive contribution, whether it is in your field or in someone’s life.

Strive to be someone that is truly “present” when someone is talking to you. Make them feel valued and important, and you’ll realize how your relationships begin to improve drastically.


5. Goal-oriented

A vision is nothing without goals. Someone that can set short-term and long-term goals in order to get closer to their vision is someone worth having in your team. It’s essential not just to have a great idea, but to know hot to execute it and be motivated by your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.


6. Humble

Whatever you do- strive to be humble. As you grow in your career you will probably receive compliments on your job and awards, but it’s essential you recognize that there is always room for improvement and that other people are just as important as you are. Furthermore, being able to recognize your mistakes in front of others will show a lot of your character and make you even more respectable.

Stay humble, friends.


7. Inspiring

Most people look at this quality and think “Whenever I’m in a leadership position, I will do that.” or ” That is more for my boss, not for me.” However, each of us have the power to be inspiring in so many different ways. Whether you are motivating your coworkers by always being optimistic or simply by always being at work even when you are sick, people around you find that inspiring. Don’t limit yourself to a position- realize that as a human being, you are already impacting those around you.


As a leader, you do have more of a weight on your shoulders to be inspiring. It is almost essential if you want to succeed. Keeping your team motivated and inspire will allow them to trust you, think creatively, and always strive for excellence.


Don’t underestimate the power of inspiration in someone’s life.


8. Listener

Good leaders speak. Great leaders listen. Always remember that your team can see certain aspects that you may be overlooking.


9. Qualitative

Quality > Quantity. Always. Be the kind of person that won’t compromise for anything less than great quality, and motivate your team to do the same.


10. Reliable

When it comes to your career, this is almost as essential as breathing. If your company, boss, and team can count on you to get things done without having to supervise you, they’ll definitely want to keep you around. Show up to work on time, every day, and always do more than what is asked!


11. Wise

Wisdom in leadership is more than just being wise–it’s using that wisdom to give insight and inspiration to others.


12. Excellence

No one can be perfect, but always having the highest standard as the measurement of the work you do will help you achieve more than you could have ever imagined!