Most applicants would expect questions like, “Tell me your biggest weakness” during an interview. When applying for these big corporations, applicants where in for a surprise when asked some of the most bizarre interview questions! Which one would you hate to be asked? Join the conversation and let us know below!

1. “If you could throw a parade of any caliber through the Zappos office, what type of parade would it be?”


2. “If you were to get rid of one state in the US, which would it be and why?”

Forrester Research

3. “If you were a pizza delivery man, how would you benefit from scissors?”

– Apple

4. “How many cows are in Canada?”


5. “Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?”


6. “How many quarters would you need to reach the height of the Empire State building?”


7. “Can you instruct someone how to make an origami ‘cootie catcher’ with just words?”


8. “A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?”

– Clark Construction Group

9. “Do you believe in Big Foot?”

Norwegian Cruise Line

10. “What songs best describes your work ethic?”


11. “If you were a box of cereal, what kind would you be and why?”

Bed Bath & Beyond

12. “Jeff Bezos walks into your office and says you can have a million dollars to launch your best entrepreneurial idea. What is it?”


13. “What do you think about when you are alone in your car?”

– Gallup

14. “How would you rate your memory?”


15. “Can you say: ’Peter Pepper Picked a Pickled Pepper’ and cross-sell a washing machine at the same time?”


16. “If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?”

– Trader Joe’s

17. “What’s your favorite song? Perform it for us now.”

– LivingSocial

18. “Calculate the angle of two clock pointers when time is 11:50”

– Bank of America

19. “Pick two celebrities to be your parents.”

Urban Outfitters

20. “How would you direct someone else on how to cook an omelet?”