1. Analytical Skills

With the amount of advanced technology that surrounds us today, simply having a knowledge in an area will not impress the hiring manager. At the end of the day- anyone can just “Google it” or read a book on the subject. However, it is what you do with that information that matters.

Not everyone can solve complex problems on the spot, and that is why employers are in the search of these precious candidates. Some companies may even present you with a problem at your interview and ask you how you would address the situation. Be prepared!

2. Strong Communication Skills

In addition to having an analytical mindset, employers are looking for people that can communicate their ideas clearly. Someone who can speak in front of the CEO or a recently hired employee and still move them to action. Overall, strong communication skills reflect a strong, respectable leader. It also keeps misunderstandings to a minimal. If you can understand your boss and convey his concerns accurately to your team, you will only help increase the company’s efficiency!

3. Team Player

There’s been a lot of time’s that even though – on paper- managers had the perfect candidate, a lot of times they turn them away if they believe they will not be a good addition to the team. Remember, once they schedule an interview, they have already reviewed our resume and pre-approved you. Therefore, they want to see your personality and genuineness in the interview. It’s good to show off your accomplishments, but don’t forget to be yourself. Overall, they want to make sure you will fit in their work environment and be able to accomplish projects with future coworkers.

4. Passionate

Though it is something hard to find, a passionate candidate is someone everyone wants on their team.

Why? They’re contagious. 

Some of the most successful companies attribute some of their success to having such a passionate team. If you have a passionate, hard-working, intelligent team, the possibilities are endless.

When it comes to your interview, a lot of hiring managers will ask about your personal development, books you like to read, or even industry leaders you admire and why. Showing that you spend some of your own time developing and growing yourself will only mean that you will bring that same passion into their company.

However, don’t just give them what they want to hear. BE PASSIONATE. It truly is a beautiful thing to genuinely want to help a company/person grow simply because you always want growth.