We all know that first impressions are crucial- specially when you are trying to land a job. Therefore, we want to make sure you are ready for your next interview in every way possible! Here’s how you should be dressed for your next interview:

1. Dress professionally. 

Depending on the job you are applying for, make sure your attire ranges from dress pants and an ironed, buttoned-up shirt to a dark suit with a tie on. If you’re a woman, you could also wear a buttoned-up shirt with dress pants or a skirt that is up to your knee (think conservative).

2. Be comfortable.

Make sure your clothes are neither too tight or too loose. Wear something that you feel comfortable in, because that confidence will definitely show through!

3. Light cologne or perfume.

We would suggest to not wear any at all, due to the fact that perhaps the hiring manager might be bothered by the strong smell. If you must wear some, however, make sure to keep it light and not choose strong scents.

4.  Bring extra resumes.

You never know who you will be meeting!

5. Be well groomed.

Make sure you get a hair cut (if needed), and that your hair is well groomed. Be sure to look clean, and presentable. Ladies, make sure to keep your make up light. Also, please make sure you do not have any chipped nail polish. You’d be surprised how many managers take that into consideration!