Have you ever thought about how big of an impact the health of your employees can have on the overall performance of your company? Contrary to popular belief, wellness programs not only benefit employees but they also benefit employers. When these programs are implemented into companies they work as both a retention tool and a way to decrease healthcare costs.

Below are three factors that play a part in incorporating an effective wellness program that will ultimately benefit your company.


  • What difference do wellness programs make?

Due to the nature of some manufacturing jobs, healthy eating can easily fall to the bottom of the priority list. When this happens, the danger of health issues such as obesity and heart disease are at a higher risk, which can ultimately impact the performance of your employees. Being able to offer them the opportunity to be involved in a wellness program serves as a tool to get them moving in the right direction. This optional program that not all company necessarily have to offer; can end up improving an employee’s health and keeping employees faithful.

In one case, an employee who weighed in at 354 pounds in 2011 was advised by his doctor to become active. This employee got involved in the wellness program his company offered, which tracked the amount of walking he took part in, and three years later he had lost over 150 pounds. This wellness program has encouraged the employee to become even more dedicated to both his work and his health. This specific program has promoted setting goals, and he has stated  he would like to complete a marathon within in the next two years. Wellness programs not only benefit employees, but also the employer. If employees stay up to date on their health, it helps companies cut back on costs of healthcare along with improving attendance. Having a healthier staff, decreases call-ins, which lessons the impact of stress on other employees who have to pick up the extra work when a teammate is out.

Employees have demonstrated that they feel more committed to the company they work for when they can see that the company shows genuine interest in the wellbeing of their employees. How great would it be to be able to help your employees with their wellness goals while increasing your employee loyalty?

It’s ultimately a great win-win!


  • Company culture.

Not only will wellness programs keep your staff active but they can also be used to create a unique company culture. Employees may team up to keep each other accountable, participate in 5Ks together, or even compete against each other for the grand prize. Ultimately, this will enrich your company culture and bring employees together even more.

The best part? This company culture can be used as a great retention and recruiting tool!

Because of the large amount of people online, social media can be used as a key component to promote your company. When people see how your company conducts itself, by focusing on your employee’s health, and the different wellness activities your employees are able to participate in, they feel drawn to be a part of that culture.

Ultimately, your wellness program can be a great addition to your competitive advantage.


  • Big or small, wellness matters to all.

According to a survey by the National Small Business Association and Humana, small businesses with 50 to 100 workers were more likely than their larger counterparts to agree that wellness programs are important for recruiting and retaining employees. However, this doesn’t mean a large company shouldn’t take part in this aspect of an organization. In fact, with over 30,000 employees, American Express has one of the most talked about wellness programs. Their program has been recognized by the American Heart Association along with the National Business Group on Health.


At Innovative Staff Solutions, our wellness program coordinator works hard to keep everyone involved. Although we are a small, family-owned business our employees work hard to stay dedicated to the program. Our program was implemented into our culture approximately three years ago and since then we have seen a steady involvement of right around 35% of employees! Throughout the year we give different incentives to encourage employees to participate and make healthier choices. Our prizes can be anywhere from water bottle tumblers, gift cards, and even a large cash prize.