When presenting yourself to other people, many don’t think the way they carry themselves has an effect on an impression. Well, it does. In a business environment you want to make sure you carry yourself confidently. No one truly looks confident if they are slouching in their chair. What do you think your body language tells your boss? Your body language can actually tell someone a story on its own. Your body language and nonverbal communication can have a big impact on your professional life and can ultimately make or break a deal.

People often make up their minds about another person in 4 seconds or less. In business, people have already made a decision about you before you even get a chance to sit down. Your posture is very important and will give your boss and other workers a lasting impression. You must stand upright, walk briskly and show that you are confident. Nothing says unprofessional more than slumped shoulders.

A handshake is a very important tool when making an impression. A handshake is a greeting, a goodbye, a negotiation, an agreement, etc. When you shake hands in the professional world you want to make sure you have a firm shake. Another word of advice, don’t hold a drink in the hand that you use to greet people. Your cold wet hand will not leave a good impression.

Tonality is a big part of nonverbal communication. The tone of your voice is a very large representation of who you are. If you’re trying to convince someone of something pay attention to your tonality. When you’re making a statement, command or directive, your voice goes down at the end of the sentence. So if you’re trying to convince someone of something, make sure it goes down.

Lastly, your touch. Never touch your face. It conveys deceit, insincerity and mistrust. Some say someone touching their lips can indicate a lack of agreement.

Often when we are comfortable in our work situations we tend to let these things slide. Always remember that no matter how long you have been at your job, always maintain your professional body language. Your body language is key in impressions.