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We are people-focused. We go the extra mile. We attract top talent and match them with leading employers in their area. We deliver the resources you expect from a large national firm including state-of-the-art training, technology, and reporting, with the personal attention of a local, family-owned business.


Who We Service

We serve both employers and job seekers in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky.

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Proven Hacks to Stay Cool in the Workplace

As temperatures rise in summer, your brain and body play out an elaborate battle plan to keep cool. A region of your brain known as the hypothalamus — often called the “body’s thermostat” — detects changes in core body temperature and signals your body’s first...

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How to Talk to Your Boss About Your Safety Concerns

You probably hope you never have to approach your boss about a workplace safety concern, but if you’re a safety-conscious employee, it’s possible that at some point you will have to do just that. And while it’s true some companies won’t be receptive when you point out...

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