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Passed down from generation to generation, the Meinhart Family and Innovative Staff Solutions remain focused on the customer’s needs.

Innovative Staff Solutions understands that the workforce demographic continues to change and provide challenges for organizations. We pride ourselves in spending the last 20 years supporting our customers by providing strategic solutions and qualified candidates. Most importantly, providing a customized experience that our customers will not forget.

Our Services

Temporary Staffing

Manage seasonal workload variations, vacations and medical leaves on short notice with reliable, flexible staff.


Evaluate new employees on the job before deciding to hire the candidate for a permanent position. It’s a risk–free hiring solution.

Professional Recruiting

Recruit and identify higher caliber talent. Use our state of the art recruiting services to find crucial skill sets for your organization.

On-Site Management

We’ll manage all of your staffing needs with an on-site team, allowing us to recruit and retain your flexible workforce to improve the efficiency of your staffing process.

What Sets Us Apart

Meinhart Family Picture

Meinhart Family

Ownership involvement with every customer.

Data Driven Image

Data Driven

Creative solutions driven by data.

Recruiting Image


Most advanced recruiting in the industry.

Technology Image


Customized staffing software for each customer.

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