Nothing’s worse than last-minute scrambling.

Needing to screen, interview and test large numbers of candidates – for a key position you needed to fill last week. Winning a great new project…and realizing that you have no workers with the skills to pull it off. Getting buried by HR tasks you just don’t have time to complete.

If you’re struggling to manage challenges like these, it’s time for an innovative approach to staffing.

Innovative Staff Solutions offers a full complement of customized staffing and recruiting solutions to make hiring and workforce management easier. We’ll take a fresh look at your business’ challenges and find ways to make your job simpler. Your workforce more efficient. Your organization more successful.

And forget about red tape. We’re local and family owned, so we’re always available to answer questions, handle last-minute requests and flex our services to your unique needs.

Stop scrambling. Start planning.

Our service solutions.

Temporary Staffing

Manage seasonal workload variations, vacations and medical leaves on short notice. Get reliable, flexible staff to ensure that you always operate at peak efficiency.

Temp-to-hire Staffing

Evaluate new employees on the job before deciding to hire the candidate for a permanent position. It’s a risk–free hiring solution.


Maintain control of recruiting and identifying candidates and let ISS take care of payroll administration. Eliminate administrative burdens, save time and trim overhead expenses.

On-Site Management

ISS handles all your staffing needs with an on-site representative – improving the efficiency of your staffing process, saving you time and reducing costs.