Service. Quality. Teamwork. Dedication. Support. These are just a few of the highlights of the 2021 Leadership Conference which took place on Friday, March 11th.


Thanks to relaxing restrictions on gatherings, the conference was held in person this year with Innovative Staff Solutions’ Branch and Onsite Managers from all locations, as well as the Corporate team in attendance. While last year’s virtual conference was a huge success, attendees unanimously agreed, face to face interaction and the opportunity to meet in person is priceless.


Derek Meinhart, ISS President, opened the event with energetic messages focused on teamwork and solidarity, applauding the efforts of the teams and their performance despite challenges in 2021. Nathan Meinhart, Vice President, announced team goals for 2022, focusing on ISS’s continued growth and retention. Erica Boone, VP of Operations, provided an operational update including recognition of several employees across the company for their accomplishments and growth during the previous and current years. Chad Clevenger, CIO, provided an overview of the features and benefits of our highly anticipated new and improved CCP, which is scheduled for launch midway through the summer. Presentations focusing on 2022 goals were also provided by our Training, Culture and Marketing department heads.


Wayne and Patti Meinhart, founders of ISS, appeared as special guests. During their session, attendees learned about the history of ISS, the challenges they faced, and how they managed to overcome, grow and thrive in this competitive industry.


As the event neared a close, two of ISS’s top honors were presented. The Office of the year award, was presented to the ISS Call Center, for their hard work, dedication and support of all of our onsite and branch locations throughout 2021. The Employee of the Year Award, was presented to Jamie Woodcock, Branch Manager at the Springfield, IL. location, for her exemplary performance and dedication to providing 5-star customer service throughout the year.


The prevailing takeaways for our leadership staff throughout the event focused on, providing the 5-star customer service that the company was founded upon, celebrating our successes, supporting our teams and embracing opportunities throughout the coming year.