Alex Katz-Rodriguez

HR Manager

Alex Katz-Rodriguez is a dynamic professional who earned her associates degree in business administration from Lake Land College. Her accelerated completion in a year and a half, including dual credit and summer courses, facilitated her swift transfer to Eastern Illinois University (EIU).

Initially pursuing business management at EIU, Alex shifted her focus to secondary English education with a goal of becoming a high school English teacher, demonstrating adaptability and passion for education.

Joining Innovative Staff Solutions in June 2021 as the Mattoon branch manager, Alex quickly immersed herself in learning. Her dedication led to a progression to an onsite manager role, where she further expanded her expertise.

In 2022, Alex completed the STARS program at  and graduated in 2023. In July 2023, she assumed the position of Training Manager at Innovative Staff Solutions, eager to contribute to the organization’s growth. She was named HR Manager in April, 2024. Alex’s commitment to continuous improvement and enthusiasm positions her for a successful career trajectory within the company.