On Site Solutions Qualifying Questionnaire 2021

Is the company national or local?
Customer Status:
Is this business seasonal?
Do they have slow periods or mass layoffs every year?
What are the primary positions they use flexible staff for?
How long have we been doing business with them?

Other Services in Use
Please list other services that this Company Currently uses. Indicate Primary or Secondary & Current Markup CLICK THE "+" symbol to add rows.
Vendor On Site?
Have you had any On Site Solutions sales discussions with this account?
(Provide Name and Title)
Job Ordering Contacts
Click "+" to add additional contacts"
Do they have a deadline for making a decision?

(Provide Name and Title)
Will they be putting out bids?

Who is on decision-making committee?
Name/Title/Bio (Add additional persons by clicking "+".)
Nurse on site?
Are staff rotated to prevent injury?
Are flex employees required to drive vehicles on the road?
Are flex employees required to operate forklifts/pallet Jacks?
Is training provided?
Are flex employees exposed to hazardous chemicals?
Can applicants come on site to apply?
Do they want more reporting?

(Evaluation tracking, PTO tracking, training tracking).
Do we need to provide our own system?
Are we entering information in?
Check Type?

What does the structure/timeframe look like? How long does training take?