In response to the growing demand for employees, early this past fall Innovative Staff Solutions began offering interviews to applicants on Saturdays. Interested applicants have been able to schedule their own appointment right from their smart device through ISS’s online scheduling platform.

“It just makes sense.” says Derek Meinhart, President of ISS, “With all of the demand for a qualified workforce right now it’s paramount that we make the process as convenient as possible for potential employees.”

At this point it’s yet to be determined how long these extended hours will be offered, but the plan is to keep an eye on the demand and keep it going as long as necessary to ensure that partnering companies are staffed and individuals are able to get to work.

With several open positions, ISS remains committed to employing all means possible to offer applicants the most convenient, efficient and effective process. This helps to ensure that we are able to attract and retain the best candidates available as quickly as possible.