When looking for a job even once you get past the endless online listings, resume tweaks, and application submissions, there’s typically a few more steps to take to land the job you want. Most people in the workforce have had to be interviewed to get there. It’s the step where you have caught the employers interest on paper but now it’s time to meet in person. Here are a couple tips to making the most of this important step:

Be prompt. Ever hear the saying that if you are 5 minutes early you are on time and on time is late? Pay attention to that. Be sure to show up to an interview between 5 and 15 minutes early. It shows that you are eager and prepared but not pushy.

Be respectful. Be sure to present yourself in a manner that is above your normal day to day attire. Even for a casual position, you should step it up to show that you are taking the interview seriously. When you are speaking, always use good grammar and complete sentences. Profanity should never be used under any circumstances.

Pay attention. This is the time to listen and learn about the company. Typically you will get information about how the company started as well as it’s leadership, vision and culture. All great intel to determine if this is a good fit for you.

Be honest. This should go without saying but the goal of an interview is for the company to find out what skills and experience you have to see if you will be successful in the role you are looking to fill. Be sure to be honest with your experience or lack thereof. Remember, many employers will train the right employee. It’s much better to be up front from the start then to embellish and perform poorly later.

Interviews are an important part of the process of finding a new job. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous but with a little planning you can give yourself the best possible chance to ace the interview and land the job you want.