Chad Clevenger

Chief Information Officer

Chad’s journey with Innovative Staff Solutions commenced in 2000 when he joined the company as an intern. Over the years, he has meticulously carved a path of professional growth, garnering extensive experience across various management roles. His roles have encompassed serving as an on-site manager, training and implementation manager, and operations manager, providing him with a holistic understanding of the staffing industry.

Chad’s expertise lies in process improvement, where he excels in implementing strategies that bring heightened efficiencies to Innovative Staff Solutions. Leading the IT department for ISS, Chad ensures the seamless integration of technology to support the company’s operations.

A proud graduate of Eureka College, Chad holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a testament to his commitment to academic excellence. Residing in Mattoon with his wife Stephanie and their children, Luke and Emma, Chad is deeply rooted in his community. Beyond his professional pursuits, he is devoted to his family, contributing to the vibrant fabric of Mattoon’s community life.

Chad’s dynamic leadership, coupled with his keen understanding of the staffing industry and dedication to process improvement, underscores his invaluable role in driving the success and efficiency of Innovative Staff Solutions.