Nathan Meinhart

Vice President

As the current Vice President of Innovative Staff Solutions, Nathan has charted an impressive trajectory within the company, starting early in his career with ISS during school breaks as a dedicated Career Agent serving multiple locations and on-sites. Demonstrating exceptional proficiency, he swiftly ascended to the role of Account Manager, where his primary focus lay in spearheading new client acquisition initiatives.

Nathan’s academic journey took him to Eastern Illinois University, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication while concurrently contributing his skills and dedication to Innovative Staff Solutions. Following his graduation, he ventured to Chicago, assuming the position of Account Manager at TEK Systems and later at Global Enterprise Technologies, a leading Cisco technology supplier.

Returning to his roots, Nathan rejoined the ISS Team in mid-2012, taking on the pivotal role of Director of Professional Recruiting. His demonstrated excellence and strategic insights led to a rapid promotion to Vice President of Business Development, where he now oversees all sales and marketing efforts for the company. Armed with decades of experience in the staffing industry, Nathan brings a wealth of expertise in Client Acquisition, New Market Strategies, and Account Management, contributing significantly to the continuous growth and success of ISS.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Nathan is dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, enjoying activities such as staying fit and playing golf. His commitment to a balanced life extends to his family, and he cherishes moments spent with his wife, Jenny, and their two children. Nathan’s multifaceted skills, coupled with his passion for personal and professional growth, underscore his valuable contributions to the ongoing success of Innovative Staff Solutions.